Artificial intelligence is here

Just for a thought of a day. So scary to think that we give ourselves to technology without much of a thought. Where is the boundary, where is the life balance ? I believe technology has to encourage physical and natural human interaction, for now it seams to evolve towards inhuman, machine-like social interaction. This […]

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Drawing practise

Whenever I have spare time I try to practise drawing as much as possible. On weekends usually I get some news paper and I try to doodle human figures, practise proportions and light. It really helps when later iterating on design and styling solutions. Here are some my latests quick weekend practises.

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Team Logo

Like most of lithuanians I love basketball. I joined recently one team here in London and since they had no apparent logo I decided to design it. Logo depicts descending eagle who is about to capture his prey ๐Ÿ™‚ That would be a basketball ball ๐Ÿ™‚

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After work

Mobile phone design in terms of hardware is becoming very monotonic a specially in big corporations that can be a challenge. I cheer myself up with quick sketches after work or during lunch brake. This went nicely on photoshop, usually I use paths but this time just all by hand, I enjoyed the freedom.

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