Gothenburg, Sweden: inspiration hunting

When you look for inspiration there is no wrong thinking, trying to capture things that seem interesting at that moment. Right now I am living in Sweden Gothenburg -lots of nice stores with excellent taste for design!

IMG_4565 IMG_4567 IMG_4562 IMG_4560 IMG_4558 IMG_4557 IMG_4554 IMG_4553 IMG_4552 IMG_4551 IMG_4550 IMG_4549 IMG_4548 IMG_4547 IMG_4545 IMG_4543 IMG_4544 IMG_4542 IMG_4541 IMG_4540 IMG_4539 IMG_4537 IMG_4536 IMG_4535 IMG_4533 IMG_4531 IMG_4529 IMG_4528 IMG_4527 IMG_4526 IMG_4523 IMG_4522 IMG_4521 IMG_4519 IMG_4518 IMG_4516 IMG_4517 IMG_4515 IMG_4514 IMG_4513 IMG_4512 IMG_4511 IMG_4508 IMG_4507 IMG_4505 IMG_4504 IMG_4503

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