Autonomous City Bug

I have been listing through older sketches and came across this cute vehicle. I wanted to take into 3D and see how it works there. This is purely autonomous vehicle like a google car but without steering wheel. Sitting position is high to enjoy 360 panoramic view. Can carry 4 passengers at the time.

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Hyper-car: speed exterior model

I noticed I have a pile of nice exterior photoshop sketches, so I thought to take it further and develop 3 dimensional concept using poly modelling tools. Taking 2D sketches into 3D is one of most challenging steps in design workflow, but also one of most rewarding, as your ideas become tangible and real. For […]

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Space Drone

One of those random projects. I often do into 3D modelling without a single sketch really. This is drone inspired by a fly. Model is done in Blender.

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