Originally from Lithuania, I started as an industrial designer in Nokia Design in Helsinki, Finland, where I worked for over 8 years. One of my leading projects was Nokia C7 smartphone that brought me to a next level as a creative leader. In 2012, I moved to London. I enjoyed exploring different opportunities in art and design scene and worked as a design consultant for a leading telecommunications company. Couple of years ago I have been working with GEELY Design Sweden as automotive modeler and exterior designer, it was a rewarding experience which opened new ways of styling and understanding products. My design workflow has evolved with mixing product and automotive design processes. Right now I freelance at London design agency Tangerine, doing transportation design projects.

Coming into design field with artistic background allowed me to explore ideas in different ways. My aim is to continue combine art and design formulas to complement each other, experiment with it and share with others.

Design is my passion, I find it’s very interesting to discover emerging human behaviour patterns due to new technologies and ever growing knowledge in all fields of science. It all moves us step by step further and all of it is reflected on new emerging design whether it is interaction, product, automotive or any other. Once I discover certain pattern I then think about how to utilise it and enable it with design, business and technologies, how to reinvent something what would bring people a positive emotion, a positive momentum. For me design has to convey a message of a bigger picture, is it core values? Certain philosophy which pushes people to a positive motion? Can design bring back values that over time of relentless technology and innovation pace we might have lost? Those and many other questions I try to ask myself daily, this is the pool of ideas and intuition which makes me confident about design decisions.

But nothing is more fun then final stages of design process where power of lines and shades come together into harmony and reflect the key messages of final product. This has to be a perfection, it has to be something that you must stop and admire for a moment, the lines and shapes must play and convey the needed messages, it must fill you with that positive emotion so that you continue on inspired.

Next to design, my passion is drawing and painting, I like to draw human and animal figures, portraits and soon hope to try some landscape as well. That is my primary source of inspiration. I see nature as a perfect organic mechanism on its own with all the questions and answers, we know so little about it and there are so many things to discover. It’s not only form and colour wise, but how things are constructed and how beautifully things work in nature – this all is real miracle.

I will try to find free time and feed my blog with as many exciting illustrations, sketches or just ideas and i hope you will enjoy it :)!

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