London Design Festival 2017

And this is the time of the year again, time for London Design Festival 2017. Like last year I had a chance to have a glance at some of the exhibitions around London. There is certainly a lot to see and it’s quite hard to cover all that happens here, I had around at London Tent […]

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WIP motorbike study – trim options

At this stage is relatively simple making some changes in the model and thinking of trim options. These are some photoshopped screen grabs. I have started this project from sketching Royal Enfield cafe racer, idea is to relaunch the brand with a lot of character and design language which would appeal to new generation. And red […]

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WIP Motorbike study- detailed model

It started all from one sketch some while back, when was iterating on cafe racer design. My main theme was designing bike around pattern-like frame. This study is evolution of that, its the same idea put to extreme – frame is seamlessly integrated into the rest of the bike- engine, steering, lights and other details are […]

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